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FAQs - Disaster Recovery Services

What’s on this website?

The Disaster Recovery website offers information that provides quick access to a range of employment and related resources for individuals and businesses impacted by floods and other recent disasters.

Who should use this website?

This website is for individuals and businesses impacted by floods and other recent disasters. The resources may also be useful for those helping impacted customers.

Where do I get started on this site?

There are five main sections to the site:

  • Recovery Help provides information and links to resources on unemployment, disaster assistance and recovery, job assistance, social assistance, health and safety, housing and finances.
  • Counselor Resources contains information that can assist professionals who are working with flood victims on workforce issues.
  • Toolkit help you locate a range of resources and service providers in your community, including American Job Centers, evacuation shelters, social service providers and businesses.
  • Business Resources offers a list of resources to help businesses in disaster situation.

I just need to find a job. Where can I get help with that?

You can find job openings in your area on the CareerOneStop Job Search by entering a job title or keyword and your city, state or zip code. Follow the prompts to apply for jobs you are interested in.

Also use the American Job Center Finder to locate services in your area. Enter your city, state or zip code to find an AJC near you. The AJC helps people search for jobs, find training, and get answers to other employment related questions.

I need to find a place to live before I find a job—can I get help here?

Yes, you’ll find links to several federal and local resources to help you with housing, food, and other basic needs at Recovery Help.

Where can I get help with this website?

Please contact CareerOneStop’s Service Center at

Linking and Advertising Questions

Can I link to any pages of the Disaster Recovery site?

You are welcome to link from your website to any page on the Disaster Recovery site. Please attribute the link to “CareerOneStop’s Disaster Recovery”. For information on placing CareerOneStop logos or widgets on your site, please visit Link to Us.

How can I add a link to my website from the Disaster Recovery site?

As a product of the U.S. Department of Labor, the Disaster Recovery site generally does not link to private websites. We do, however link to additional resources that add value for our users. Our exclusion policy prohibits links to websites that are discriminatory, biased, or fee-based (that is, sites that exclusively sell or advertise services or products). If you have a link that you feel meets these criteria, please email; include the name, URL, and description of the website.

How can I advertise on the Disaster Recovery site?

The Disaster Recovery site does not accept advertisements.

Where can I report a broken link on the Disaster Recovery site?

Please send a description of the broken link and its location, including the web address of the page it is on, to