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Find help paying your bills.

If the pandemic has impacted your finances, you may qualify for assistance or delayed payments. Check out the information below.

Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit, part of the American Rescue Plan, is available to help families raising children make ends meet. Learn more from the information below.

Loans and credit cards

Many lenders are offering non-traditional payment options for a variety of loans and credit cards. These may include deferred payments, loan extensions, reduced interest rates, waived late fees, declining to report late payments to credit reporting agencies, and other assistance.

To access this assistance, contact your lender or credit card company to request a forbearance plan based on financial hardship related to the pandemic. This would delay, rather than eliminate, your payments so be sure you understand the repayment plan agreement. Legislation stipulates that financial companies may not charge additional interest during this time. Learn more about how to request forbearance options.

Temporary student loan relief

The federal government has paused all student loan and interest payments for all federally-held student loans from March 13, 2020 through August 31, 2022. You do not need to request this service or take any action. There are no penalties to the borrower. Learn more about student loan payment suspension and how to find out if your loan qualifies as federally-held.

Note that private student loan debt is not covered under this action, although private lenders may offer alternative repayment options if you can't pay your private student loan because of pandemic impacts. Contact any private lenders directly to discuss options.

IRS Economic Relief Payments

The IRS has a website to help you locate or check the status of your IRS Economic Impact Payment.

Open a Bank Account

The FDIC has information to help you set up a bank account remotely.

Unemployment benefits

Recent federal law has increased the number of people who qualify for cash unemployment benefits. If you’re not sure if you qualify, find your state’s unemployment benefits office.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Explore more resources from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal bureau focused on making the consumer financial markets work for families by empowering consumers to take more control over their financial lives.