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Create an effective resume

Create an effective resume

An effective resume is critical to a successful job search.

You may wonder why you still need a resume in an age where employers can Google you and tools like LinkedIn allow you to create something similar to a resume. But you still need a resume. For one thing, many employers require a resume as part of their employment process.

Also, your resume communicates your qualifications and your brand—who you are and what makes you different—to employers and recruiters. In a tough job market, you need a resume that helps you stand out in a sea of applicants.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” resume. In order to achieve the goals of a great resume, you must customize your resume to fit the specific job criteria each time you apply for a new position.

  • Your resume serves a different purpose than an online profile. Its main purpose is to get you an interview. Your profile on a social media page, such as LinkedIn, is first and foremost a networking tool.
  • It has a long tradition other tools don’t. Resumes have been used for years and are an expected part of the job search process. You’ll almost always be asked for one.
  • It’s more flexible than other tools. While there’s a lot you can do with an online profile, a resume is still easier to target to a specific job or opportunity.
  • It’s more portable than online profiles. When you’re networking or at a job fair, for example, it’s nice to have a document you can pull out and share with others.
  • It may offer a more fair and objective screening process. Because online profiles can contain photos and other personal content, biases may enter into the review process.

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