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Select from the tools below for customized solutions to your recruiting, hiring, and training needs.

American Job Center Finder
Locate an American Job Center near you for help with recruiting, training, and retaining employees. Most AJCs have Business Service Representatives and Veterans Service Representatives.

Available Workforce
Build a profile of the workforce in your local, state, or national area. Includes data on employment, wages, unemployment rates, education and training programs, and demographics.

Salary Finder
Find local, state, or national median wages for any of more than 900 occupations. Create charts to compare your location to national averages.

Civilian-to-Military Occupation Translator
Find military occupations with experience and skills that match your civilian positions.

Compare Occupations
Inform your hiring and training decisions by learning how skills, salaries, and typical training compare for any two occupations.

Find Certifications
Identify current industry- or occupation-specific certifications for employee development, defining position requirements, and identifying potential candidates.

Local Training Finder
Locate local training programs and institutions to recruit qualified candidates or train your current employees.

Largest Employers
Create a list of the 150 largest employers in any state.

Professional Association Finder
Locate Industry and professional associations to help you recruit candidates, provide professional development opportunities for your employees, and stay current with industry developments.

State Resource Finder
Connect to state resources on tax incentives, business development, training sources, employment laws, policies, recruiting , and more.

Job Description Writer
Create job descriptions for hiring purposes and for conducting reviews of existing positions, staff and organizational structure.

More Resources

Competency Model Clearinghouse
Find Information regarding Competency Models which are collections of multiple competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities) that together define successful performance in a defined work setting.