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Layoff Resources

Layoff Resources

Layoffs, plant closings and reductions in force (RIFs) are an all-too-common occurrence in today’s business environment. If your organization is faced with one of these difficult transitions, help is available.

Managing a layoff effectively

While no employer wants a layoff, managing one well can make things easier. A well-managed layoff has the following characteristics:

  • There’s a clear plan for conducting the layoff, from deciding who will be laid off to arranging job search assistance for displaced workers.
  • The plan is compliant with laws governing layoffs, such as the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification ACT (WARN).
  • Both workers being laid off and those who remain stay as productive and positive as possible throughout the layoff process.
  • There’s an emphasis on good public relations, so the organization’s brand and reputation in the community remains intact.

Rapid Response services

If you are facing a layoff, Rapid Response, a federal program available to qualifying organizations, can help you manage the process effectively. Rapid Response has two key functions:

  • Provide employers with access to a skilled labor pool in their area
  • Provide immediate assistance to companies facing layoffs

Your Rapid Response transition team will meet with you; work one-on-one with displaced workers to discuss unemployment insurance benefits, job placement services, and training options; and help you coordinate with other services in your area.

Unemployment Insurance and Shared Work programs

Many states have Shared Work programs with the goal of avoiding layoffs during a temporary slowdown. Employees receive partial unemployment benefits while working reduced hours.

Contact your state's Unemployment Insurance (UI) program to learn if your state participates in the Shared Work Program. You can also review general information on the UI Program and UI taxes at the federal and state levels.

Learn more

To learn more about Rapid Response, UI, or other workforce issues, contact your local American Job Center. If your company is not eligible for Rapid Response, other services may be available to you and your laid-off workers.

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