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Manage And Retain Employees

Manage And Retain Employees

Decreasing turnover is a top priority for businesses both for cost savings and to enhance productivity. Use these resources to help.

Healthcare and Insurance
Connect to the most current policies on health care insurance options and compliance for organizations of all sizes.

Employment Law
For hiring and beyond, a grasp of legal basics is essential. A quick-reference guide to employment law, IRS requirements, and more.

Employee Handbooks
Develop or improve your employee handbook using examples from the Small Business Administration.

Retention Strategies
Explore resources to increase employee retention including low-cost workplace changes like flexible schedules.

Succession Planning
Find resources including an assessment tool to predict your organization’s needs for succession planning as the Baby Boom generation retires.

Layoff Resources
Find the public resources available to you to plan for or avert a workforce downsizing / rightsizing.