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Career options

Career options

Learn details about different careers. This will help you choose a career that's best for you.

To make a solid decision about your career, it helps to know what questions to ask. The chart below gives examples of what you can ask—and learn—about different careers.

Career detail
Questions to ask
Job duties
  • Would you like doing this kind of work?
  • Would you be able to do it?
Typical wages or earnings
  • Does the career pay a wage you can live on?
  • Will training help you earn more?
Typical training or education
  • Do you have the right training for the career?
  • What education or training would you need to qualify for the job?
  • Is training given at a school near where you live?
Employment or job openings
  • What is the outlook for new jobs?
  • Are more job openings expected in the future?
  • Or is the number of workers shrinking?

Ready to research?

Now that you know the questions to ask, see which of the resources below are best for you:

Occupation Profile: learn details about nearly 900 different careers.

mySkills myFuture: if you have previous work experience, use this tool to explore new careers that might build on your skills and experience.

Collateral Consequences: use this tool to see if you might have career restrictions due to your conviction.

American Job Center Finder: find in-person help for your career, training, or job search needs at a local American Job Center.

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Find State Resources