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Long-term goals

Long-term goals

A long-term goal usually takes 12 months or more to achieve.

Some long-term goals are:

  • Graduate from training program
  • Start my own business
  • Save money to buy a house

For a longer-term career goal, think of the steps that will move you closer to reaching it.

Think about:

  • What job can you get with the experience you already have?
  • Can you develop work skills on your own or as a volunteer?
  • What employers located near you would hire people in this career?
  • How long would training for your long-term goal take?
  • Could you work while you attend training? Attend school part-time?
  • What resources would help you reach your goals? Are there organizations that provide them?

Create your own list of goals by downloading the goal table here. Read through the example below to get some ideas for steps.


My long-term career goal: To be a lead chef in nice restaurant

Finish by
I will contact the American Job Center to find out about training resources and job leads for kitchen work
August 1
I will obtain entry level kitchen work at a nearby restaurant
September 1
I will apply to culinary school and apply for financial aid
December 1
I will practice at least one new recipe every week at home
From now-until I complete my degree
I will enroll in culinary school part-time while I continue to work
September 1, next year
I will complete my culinary arts degree and qualify as a lead chef
June 1, the following year
I will obtain a lead chef job in one of my top 5 restaurant choices
September 1, the following year

Learn more about education and training options in our Get Training section.

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