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Short-term goals

Short-term goals

A short-term goal is a target you want to reach soon - today, this week, this month, or within this year.

Here are examples of short-term goals:

  • Take a class
  • Decide which jobs to apply for
  • Write my resume

Writing down some short-term goals will help you organize your time and focus on what you want to achieve. At the top write your main short-term goal. Underneath, list the steps to get you there, and when you want to complete them. Get started by reading the example below, then download the goal table here to make your own list.


My short term career goal: To get an entry-level kitchen job in a nearby restaurant

Finish by
I will practice filling out a job application and job interview skills at my local American Job Center
July 1
I will write my resume to describe my kitchen skills
July 12
I will look for Help Wanted signs in my neighborhood cafes, and look for postings in two online job banks
July 12
I will ask three people working at nearby restaurants for ideas on where to work and how to apply
July 25
I will apply for entry level kitchen work at 3-5 nearby restaurants
August 1
I will call restaurant managers 1 week after I apply to follow up and check their hiring plans
August 8
If I do not have a job offer by September 1, I will expand my job search along my bus route
September 1

If you don't know what your career goal is, start with an interest assessment or explore career ideas. For help in person, you can also contact your local American Job Center or an organization that helps ex-offenders with employment by going to Find State Resources below.

Find State Resources
Find State Resources