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Visit a job fair

Visit a job fair

Job fairs are events to connect job seekers with employers that might have job openings now or in the future.

You don't always apply for jobs at job fairs. You usually learn about open positions and requirements.

These events are held by many different organizations. They may be held by one company. They may be held by a group of similar companies. For instance, several hotel chains may hold a hotel industry job fair. You might even find a job fair that is just for ex-offenders. (Try searching for "ex-offender job fair" at

All job fairs are different from each other. It's important to have the right expectations for what you can and cannot do at a job fair.

Expect to:

  • Make connections that could lead to a job interview or application
  • Give copies of your resume to potential employers
  • Practice introducing yourself to potential employers and answering questions

Do not expect to:

  • Have on-the-spot interviews (but be prepared, just in case!)
  • Be given a job offer

Checklist: Before the job fair

Checklist: During the job fair

During The Job Fair Checklist

Checklist: After the job fair

After The Job Fair Checklist

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