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Make your education pay

Make your education pay

The more education you have, the easier it will be to land a good job. Also, you'll be more likely to earn more.

That doesn't mean everyone has to have a college degree. Learning skills, taking a class, or enrolling in short-term training can help your job search right away.

Before you jump into any class or training program, take the time to make sure it's really going to help you.

How do I know what skills employers are looking for?

  • Basic skills. Employers are always looking for workers with good basic skills. Read more about basic skills, or look for basic skills training sites near you by clicking on Find Adult Basic Education, in the Resources box below.
  • Computer skills. You can often brush up on your computer skills with free classes and job search workshops at American Job Centers or find your closest public library by using the link below.
  • In-demand job skills. Visit Learn about careers to find out more about the skills and training needed for in-demand jobs.

How do I know a training program is worth the money?

  • School value. Before you enroll, ask about total costs, graduation rates, loan amounts, and employment of graduates. Or use the College Scorecard (you'll find the link in the Resources box, below).
  • Accreditation. Check the school's website to make sure they have met accreditation standards, or click on "Check college accreditation" in the Resources box below.

Before you invest in any job training, learn about any work restrictions you may have due to your criminal record.

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