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Pass your high school equivalency

Pass your high school equivalency

Ready to get your high school diploma?

If you missed getting a high school diploma, you can earn a high school equivalency (HSE) now and get the full benefits of a high school diploma.

It's worth it to get your HSE. People who have a diploma or HSE earn more than people who don't. Also, many jobs and training programs require that you have one or the other.

What is a high school equivalency?

A high school equivalency or HSE is a recognized alternative to a high school diploma. There are three common exams used to determine high school equivalency (find more details in the Resources box below):

  • The General Educational Development (GED®) test
  • The High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)
  • The Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC)

What high school equivalency tests does my state offer?

States offer different high school equivalency diplomas. Click on "Find your state's high school equivalency options" in the Resoruces box below..

How can I get ready to take the HSE test?

Many states offer study guides for the HSE tests. You can also sign up for HSE preparation classes at your local Adult Basic Education site.

How much does it cost?

Different states charge different fees to take the HSE tests. In some states they are free. You can find out the cost in your state when you visit your state's site.

Find State Resources
Find State Resources