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Remote jobs

Remote jobs

Want a job that doesn't require you to be onsite? 

Whether you have health, family, commute, or other concerns that make it difficult to report to a physical work location, you might find a work-from-home position to be a good fit for you.

Virtual or remote jobs are available in many fields-from entry-level customer service to complex software development or research positions. Many require a computer and an Internet connection, but some provide equipment and technical support to workers.

Remote work tips

Once you land your remote or hybrid job, it's important to keep up effective communication and establish a successful remote work track record. Some tips to help remote work go smoothly include:

  • Establish a regular work schedule and inform your manager and co-workers of your "on" hours. Many remote workers have found they work more-rather than fewer-hours while working from home, so keeping to a regular schedule will benefit both you and your employer. 
  • Set up a workstation that supports your health and ability to work several hours per day there. Many desk job workers find using a sit-stand desk keeps them more energized throughout the day. Will your employer send you home with an ergonomic office chair, keyboard, mouse, and other equipment needed for your job? It's worth asking.
  • Dress for work, even if it's casually. The energy you project working in sweatpants is not going to be as professional as it would be if you wear more businesslike clothing, and you will also be ready for video calls and meetings at short notice.
  • Sharpen your skills with the remote work technology that your workplace uses so that your feel confident and fluent in them, including videoconferencing apps, data storage tools, messaging apps, shared project organization and communication tools, etc.
  • Set up regular connection points with co-workers and your manager, and keep everyone informed of the status of your work on projects.  Remote work is more successful when a team keeps in regular contact, so there are no surprises and everyone on the team feels part of the bigger picture. 
  • Take breaks as you would at the office. Get up to stretch, make tea or coffee, gaze at a distant point on the horizon to rest your eyes. A walk during the day is something you may have done at the office, and it can be a way to keep remote work healthier too. Be sure to leave your desk for lunch if you can.