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Worker ReEmployment FAQs

Worker ReEmployment FAQs

What's on this website?

Worker ReEmployment is your one-stop site for employment, training, and financial help after a layoff. Get help with your job search and find out about unemployment and other benefits you may qualif

Who should use this website?

This website is for anyone searching for a job. We offer resources for job seekers, career changers, older workers, and anyone else in need of assistance getting back into the workforce.

Where do I get started on this site?

There are three main sections to the site:

  • Unemployment Benefits may be available to you. Find out how to apply.
  • Job Search offers a job search tool, job search tips, networking tips, and much more.
  • More Benefits offers resources that could help you make ends meet. There are many government programs and local sources of assistance that can help.

I just need to find a job. Where can I get help with that?

You can find job openings in your area at Job Finder. Get started by entering a job title or keyword and your city, state or ZIP code. Follow the prompts to apply for jobs you are interested in.

I need to find a place to live before I find a job—can I get help here?

Yes, you’ll find links to local resources to help you with housing, food, and other basic needs at Find more resources in your own state.

Where can I get help?

  • For employment or training questions, please call 1-877-US2-JOBS (1-877-872-5627)or TTY: 1-877-889-5627
  • For help with this website, please email CareerOneStop at

Can I publish any of the Worker ReEmployment site data directly on my own site?

Yes, CareerOneStop offers web services, which allow you to publish our range of employment, training, and other data directly on your own website. Without leaving your site, your users can perform searches and more to get the customized results they want. Visit Web Services to learn more.

Linking and Advertising Questions

Can I link to any pages of the Worker ReEmployment site?

You are welcome to link from your website to any page on the Worker ReEmployment site. Please attribute the link to “CareerOneStop”. For information on placing CareerOneStop logos or widgets on your site, please visit Link to Us.

How can I add a link to my website from the Worker ReEmployment site?

As a product of the U.S. Department of Labor, the Worker ReEmployment site
generally does not link to private websites. We do, however, link to additional resources
that add value for our users. Our exclusion policy prohibits links to websites that are discriminatory, biased, or fee-based (that is, sites that exclusively sell or advertise services or products). If you have a link that you feel meets these criteria, please email; include the name, URL, and description of the website.

How can I advertise on the Worker ReEmployment site?

The Worker ReEmployment site does not accept advertisements.

Where can I report a broken link on the Worker ReEmployment site?

Please send a description of the broken link and its location, including the web address of the page it is on, to