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Career clusters

Career clusters

Start with career clusters to help choose your career direction.

Career clusters are groups of related types of work. They give you an easy way to explore different kinds of jobs within one broad category. Start with one of the clusters—like health care or construction—to learn what it involves, current trends, and the different careers it offers.

It’s often easier to change jobs and advance within a career cluster. Identifying with a cluster can help you build your career and choose credentials—such as a college degree, specialized training, or certifications—that will qualify you for a variety of different, but related, jobs.

What's the difference between a career cluster and an industry?

Industries are groups of businesses that have related activities or products. Where career clusters include a variety of careers that share similar knowledge, skills, and interests, industries include many unrelated careers. The career cluster / industry pages show the industries and types of organizations that typically employ workers in each career cluster.

Learn about these key career cluster / industry groups and see related careers for each: