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Get salary and wage information for more than 800 different occupations.

“What does the job pay?” is one of the first questions you may have in your job search. Get a head start by learning typical pay for more than 800 occupations in your area. Salary information can also equip you in several ways:

  • Job applications or interviewers may ask for your salary requirements. Research wages paid in your area for different levels of experience using Salary Finder. For more tips, visit negotiating a salary.
  • Career explorers and students can visit Highest-paying Careers to see which careers pay the most nationally, in their state, and for different levels of education.
  • Visit Wages by Occupation and Local Area to research salaries for your current or planned new location.
  • For more detailed information on skill requirements and employment trends in different occupations, check out the Occupation Profile.

Keep these points in mind as you read salary information:

  • The "High" wage is usually earned by very experienced, trained workers in an occupation. Only 10% of workers earn more, while 90% of workers earn less than that amount.
  • Median wage means half the workers in that occupation earn less and half earn more.
  • The "Low" figure shows the range usually earned by entry-level, inexperienced workers. Just 10% of workers earn less and 90% earn more than this amount.
  • In general, higher wages are earned in urban areas than in smaller towns and rural areas.