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Make a list of contacts

Make a list of contacts

Make a list of people who might be able to help answer your job search questions.

Start talking with them. These contacts might include:

  • Friends, family, neighbors, and community group members
  • Former classmates, teachers, and professors
  • Acquaintances and business contacts, including former managers, supervisors, and coworkers
  • Referrals from other contacts

Be prepared and organize your list of contacts

Some job seekers find it helpful to think about themselves as a business. Successful businesses have a business plan to manage and market their products or services. In a job search, your skills, experience, and personal strengths are your products or services. Here are a few ways to make sure you create a good first impression and effectively manage your job search:

  • Create a simple business card. Make sure it focuses on your target job search titles and promotes your skills and strengths. Put your preferred contact information on it. Always have a few with you.
  • Organize information about your contacts in a way that is meaningful to you. Then track your ongoing communication with them. Some people use a three-ring binder, tickler or reminder file, spreadsheet, or e-mail system.
  • Research potential employers to learn more about them before you contact someone who might be helpful to you.
  • Prepare your resume in case someone asks for it.
  • Reach out to others and offer your assistance to contacts in appreciation for their assistance to you.