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For disabled veterans

For disabled veterans

Injured or disabled as a result of your military service?

Follow the links below to find programs and resources that can help you locate assistance, access benefits, and find or keep a job.

General resources

VA Disability Compensation, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Disability compensation is a benefit paid to a veteran because of injuries or diseases that happened while on active duty, or were made worse by active military service.

National Resource Directory U.S. Departments of Defense, Labor and Veterans Affairs
The National Resource Directory provides wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans, their families, families of the fallen and those who support them with a web-based directory of valuable resources.

Disability site, Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor
The federal government's one-stop website for information of interest to people with disabilities, their families, employers, service providers, and many others., a multi-agency federal website
A gateway to federal and state benefits information on disability assistance and much more. Browse benefits by category and specific government agency and search at the federal or state level, by population, or interests.

Jobs and training

American Job Centers, U.S. Department of Labor
Nearly 2,400 AJCs nationwide help veterans search for jobs and find training, and offer specially targeted services for disabled veterans. Use the American Job Center Finder to locate an AJC near you. You'll find contact information (email and phone) to ask about the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV)
This program offers experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management for veterans with disabilities resulting from their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

AbilityOne, U.S. Department of Defense
The Defense Department is a strong supporter of the federally managed AbilityOne program, which works with private and public groups to provide employment for the blind and other people who have severe disabilities, including wounded veterans.

Employer Assistance & Recruiting Network (EARN), U. S. Department of Labor
A nationwide cost-free referral and technical assistance service for employers. EARN connects employers who have job vacancies to employment service providers who have direct access to job-ready individuals with disabilities. EARN also provides technical assistance to assist employers in locating appropriate organizations and information as they seek to hire qualified candidates with disabilities. 1-866-Earn Now or 1-866-327-6669 (V/TTY)

Job Accommodation Network (JAN), U.S. Department of Education
An information and referral service that provides information on job accommodations for people with disabilities. It also includes resources for technical assistance, funding, education and services related to the employment of people with disabilities. To learn more about JAN, visit the website or call: 1-800-526-7234 or 1-800-232-9675(V/TTY).

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Assists veterans with service-connected disabilities by offering help in preparing for, finding, and keeping suitable employment. For more information about vocational rehabilitation and employment services, contact your regional Department of Veterans Affairs office at the national toll-free telephone number: 1-800-827-1000.

Ticket to Work, U.S. Social Security Administration
This program helps Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities address employment needs.